Dr. Gordon is the Best Dentist for Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Best DentistDr. Gordon is the best dentist in the Austin area for treating families.  He, along with our expert staff, makes it possible for everyone in the family to have their teeth and gums cared for from one convenient location and with everyone’s busy schedules, this can be a lifesaver.  It is important for people of all ages to visit the dentist on a regular basis and even more so for children.

A lot of parents think that the health of their kids’ teeth isn’t too important until they have all of their adult teeth in.  That’s not the case.  Baby teeth are critical for your kid’s development.  They hold a space for adult teeth, and if they fall out early, adult teeth can come in wrong and create the need for braces. Losing baby teeth early can also make it difficult to eat and speak.  Preventative care is essential for ensuring that your kids’ teeth stay in good health and don’t fall out until their body is ready.

Unfortunately, a lot of children lose teeth early due to tooth decay.  In fact, it can even start when they are a baby.  Baby bottle tooth decay is incredibly common as babies and toddlers take a bottle or sippy cup to bed with milk or juice in it.  While this is a common way to comfort children, it is not safe for their teeth.  In order to prevent this, send them to bed with a bottle of water instead.  One of the reasons that Dr. Gordon is the best dentist in town, is that he spends the time to educate patients so if you want to know if something is safe for your child’s teeth – ask and he will be happy to provide additional insight.

The goal with your children should be to establish an oral health care routine early.  This includes brushing and flossing at least twice a day and eating a healthy diet at home.  Try to keep sugar off of your kids’ teeth and brush right away after they eat a sugary snack or desert.  Additionally, take them in for a teeth cleaning at least twice a year.  This way we can remove any remaining bacteria and plaque from their teeth before the bacteria can lead to a cavity. If, during these exams, we notice any signs of tooth decay, we will let you know right away and provide treatment solutions.

Dr. Gordon is the best dentist for keeping kids comfortable while they are having dental work done.  He talks to them and explains what is going to happen in order to help them relax.  He also has a variety of ways to keep them comfortable through sedation dentistry. Each solution is tailored to the age of the child which is important when creating a treatment plan for anyone – each need and concern needs to be evaluated and will be.  If you are concerned with the health of your child’s teeth, call and schedule an appointment today.

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