The Future Has Arrived at Our CEREC Dentist Office

Posted on: March 15, 2016

CEREC DentistAt our CEREC dentist office, we are excited to announce the future of dentistry.  Technology has made leaps and bounds in both medical and dental care, and this is one that change has arrived at our dental office. When creating dental crowns for cosmetic purposes like covering dark stains, closing gaps in teeth and changing their shape, we can now complete the procedure in one visit. The same is true for dental restorations when a crown is being used to restore a tooth that has become cracked, chipped, or is sensitive due to a lack of enamel.  In the past, these procedures required a minimum of two visits, where now they can be finished in one by creating same day crowns.

The old ways…
In the past, anyone that needed a dental crown would first come in for a dental examination so that we could determine the scope of work that needed to be done and ensure that a crown was the right solution.  If it was, we would make an impression of the teeth in order to send the dental lab the specifications they needed to create it. Since a crown has to fit not only the tooth, but work with the existing bite, it could take one to two weeks to complete this phase of the process.  In the meantime, patients were required to wear a temporary crown and then return for the final procedure.

In our office now…
As a CEREC dentist office, we are eliminating the wait by creating crowns the same day, using computerized technology.  If it is determined that a crown can solve your dental issue, we will take digital images of your teeth that are then uploaded into our CAD software.  The software then creates a 3D image of the crown, complete with specifications.  That information is then sent to a 3D printer so that the crown can be printed out while you wait.  The material is just as strong and durable as a crown made in the dental lab but since there is no human element; it can be completed while you wait.

The process
The tooth is still prepared by having a portion of the enamel removed so whether you receive a traditional crown or one that is printed out; your tooth will undergo this process.  The big difference is that the traditional method leaves your tooth exposed and in need of a temporary crown to protect it, while the new method creates a crown that can be bonded in place immediately.  We will make sure that the crown looks perfectly natural, regardless of which type you use.  Once it does, we will fit it to your tooth and use dental cement to bond it in place.  After the crown is secure, you can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about how your tooth will feel.  Since, as a CEREC dentist, we can use this technology to create crowns faster, you can focus on enjoying life rather than visiting the dentist.

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