General Dentistry: What Is a Tooth Bridge?

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Dental bridges, also referred to as tooth bridges, are one of the most common ways to restore and replace teeth. They are used within general dentistry in order to improve a person’s oral and dental functionality. In this article, we discuss what a tooth bridge is and how it functions. This information can be helpful to someone who is considering their options. Read on to find out more about bridges!

General dentistry: tooth bridges

Below we outline everything there is to know regarding tooth bridges.

What is a bridge and how does it work?

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that can be used to replace missing teeth. They act as a way to join artificial teeth (dental crowns) to adjacent natural teeth. Bridges can also be secured to dental implants, which will keep them snug within the mouth. General dentists state that bridges literally bridge one tooth to another, whether they are artificial or natural.

Bridges are a great option for someone who has some natural teeth remaining. They can be secured to the natural teeth, which will help anchor and keep them in place so that looseness is never an issue.

What is involved in bridge placement?

A dental bridge placement is relatively simple. The general dentist will take impressions of the area requiring a bridge. A dental lab will custom make the bridge to fit the patient’s mouth. During the actual placement procedure, the bridge will be placed in the space where the missing teeth are. If the bridge is replacing decaying teeth, an extraction will be required beforehand.

If dental implants or crowns are being used in conjunction with the bridge, those will also be separate procedures. Most of the time, one or the other is required in order for the bridge placement to be complete.

Why to consider a tooth bridge?

Tooth bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth. They help secure the artificial teeth to the rest of the mouth. Below, we highlight a few reasons why to consider a bridge:

- Bridges are discreet.

- Invasive surgery isn’t required.

- They are affordable and easy to care for.

Tooth replacement is generally a good idea for just about anyone. When a person is missing teeth, their interior bone will begin to deteriorate which can cause significant problems for the mouth. Over time, the jawbone can shift and the gums can begin to recede. Replacement can help keep the mouth in good health, while also allowing for the ability to chew and smile normally.

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