How a Best Dentist Used Cosmetic Dentistry to Fix Broken Teeth

Best DentistThe best dentist will tell you that cosmetic dentistry has grown into far more than just a profession obsessed with the aesthetics of your smile. The reality is that cosmetic dentistry certainly has its roots in the aesthetic world, and for even the best dentist, this is still true to a large extent. However, any time you are dealing with a biological challenge, it encompasses more than just one area of expertise. Take, for example, a patient who comes in with a damaged tooth. The tooth may have been damaged any number of ways, which is not really our concern. Sometimes, the tooth can be damaged in an accident that causes the tooth a great deal of trauma, and at other times, an infection or decay can cause the tooth to fracture.

While a fractured or broken tooth is ugly to look at, there are other elements that we must take into consideration. The best dentist will look at the tooth from the perspective of vulnerability, functionality, and aesthetic value all at the same time. When it comes to vulnerability, a tooth is never more vulnerable than when it is broken, chipped or cracked. This is because your mouth is full of oral bacteria, a perfectly normal occurrence. Normally, this bacteria works to give you bad breath and cause decay. However, a damaged tooth provides an opening for this bacteria to reach the soft inner portion of the tooth, also called the pulp, where it can do all kinds of damage. In addition, the bacteria may even be able to reach the root of the tooth, leading to a severe infection. In a case like this, our priority as a cosmetic dentist is to follow best dentist protocol and seal the tooth with a dental crown or a filling. This protects the tooth from infection while also restoring the chewing surface.

The functionality of a tooth depends on its ability to do the job it is supposed to, which is to chew and grind food. The digestive process actually begins in the mouth, where your teeth break down the food into manageable parts. To do this, the tooth uses the sharp, pointy surface of the tooth known as the cusps. Unfortunately, it is not hard to damage the cusps and seriously hamper your ability to properly chew food. The best dentist will tell you that this is a functionality problem and that the best way for a cosmetic dentist to fix it is to use a dental crown or a partial dental crown. The preferred method of repairing damaged cusps is to use a partial dental crown. While a crown is best known as a dental cap, since most of the time we use it to cover up a larger broken area of the mouth, partial dental caps are extremely useful. The partial crown covers and restores the damaged chewing portion of the tooth while still maintaining the majority of the tooth's integrity.

Essentially, what we find is that when a cosmetic dentist is faced with situations like damaged teeth, we revert to best dentist practices that encompass the functionality, the integrity, and the aesthetic value of the tooth.

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