Use These Tips For Saving Money at The Dentist

austin-lakes-dentistIn our dentist office, we understand that many of our patients live within a set budget.  This is especially true for families that have the high expense of taking care of children or seniors that live on a fixed income.  Unexpected medical costs can throw a wrench in the family budget and make it difficult to afford other things like going on vacation.  As such, the important thing is to avoid the unexpected as much as possible and to look for ways to keep health care cost under control.Here are some tips you can use for managing your dental expenses.
  • Buy insurance.  If you have medical insurance but don’t have dental coverage, you can purchase a separate plan for your family. This will help to cover you in the event that you need any major dental work completed.  They will typically pay for preventative care, as well.
  • Participate in a dental savings plan.  There are plans that you can purchase through an insurance company or online that works as a dental savings plan.  It can be used by itself or in combination with insurance, and it works by lowering the price of your treatment.  Essentially it provides you with steep discounts on dental care.
  • Prevent emergencies.  Your health care cost will always be more if you have an emergency need.  This includes emergency care of teeth.  You can prevent emergencies by visiting our dentist office on a regular basis and having your teeth cleaned and examined.  By doing so, we can remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your teeth.  This is the best way to prevent cavities, and gum disease and teeth cleanings are typically covered by insurance.  We can help you to save money by preventing the need for an emergency root canal or another treatment.  Additionally, healthy teeth are less likely to become damaged in another type of accident.
  • Brush your teeth.  You need to brush your teeth two to three times a day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. The fluoride will help to strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities from settling in while cleaning your teeth is also an important part of preventative care.
  • Other treatments.  We can conduct a fluoride treatment or place sealant onto your teeth if necessary.  Both procedures can help your teeth to remain strong and healthy along with preventing infections or cavities from settling in.  They are most commonly offered to children but work on adults, as well.
  • Learn your options.  If told that you need a dental procedure, ask about the different options that are available to you.  There may be a way to accomplish the same thing but at a reduced cost.  For example, teeth whitening can brighten your teeth for far less than it would cost to get dental veneers.
If you still need assistance with covering the cost of dental care, let us know. At our dentist office, we provide financing solutions and can work out a payment plan so that you can receive the health care you need, regardless of your current financial situation.

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