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The best dentist knows that the best kind of dental office visits are the regularly scheduled ones where you are coming in for cleaning and to get a wellness check. These visits are very pleasant where you can actually spend some time in a relaxing, professional space, reading the latest magazines, and catching up on news about oral health and hygiene. We also know that this is typically not the reason people come in and that if the majority of people had an option they would avoid the dentist’s office like a plague. The good news is that we are nowhere near offended by that idea, and quite honestly it is our goal to make sure you rarely, if ever, have to come in for a situation that may be considered a dental emergency. After all, the easy cleaning and wellness visits are our favorites too because that means you are healthy.

In order to get you to the point where you are in exceptional health and only come in to see us for the easy visits, you must practice good oral hygiene. This involves scheduling and keeping your wellness visits where you come in to have your teeth cleaned and allow us to monitor your health. During a standard cleaning visit, we will remove the excess plaque on the teeth, thereby making sure that your potential risk of cavities and gum disease is greatly reduced. In addition to this, during a wellness visit we may also take x-rays and check for soft spots on the teeth and gums. These allow us to find any potential problems below the gum line and remedy any softness before it becomes a full-blown cavity. People that have regular visits find that they rarely have dental emergencies like tooth aches or cavities to deal with. In fact, among people who do not follow this simple practice, toothaches, and dental emergencies are the most common reason they come in to see us.

Toothaches are very common with millions of Americans suffering from them every year. They are often ranked as the most uncomfortable thing a person can experience. The challenge with toothaches is that they can be caused by any number of underlying issues. Sometimes the problems can be as simple as grinding your teeth in the night and needing a retainer. At other times, it can be more complicated, such as having an infected tooth root that requires a root canal surgery. Whenever you have a toothache, there is always a potential that it could get worse. This is why when dental pain develops you should visit the best dentist office in town so that we can help you to feel immediate relief.

Dental emergencies are not nearly as easy to predict since they too can come in all forms and from a variety of causes. As one of the best dentists in the area, we see all kinds of dental emergencies, ranging from teeth damaged while playing sports to severe toothaches and teeth that have been knocked out. We recommend that you contact our dental office if you have an emergency situation so that we can recommend a course of action that can reduce your discomfort while scheduling you for an immediate appointment.

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