Visiting the Dentist Can Prevent Gum Disease and Other Health Problems

DentistYou should visit your local dentist in order to stay in excellent overall health.  A healthy mouth is good for the entire body and it starts with regular teeth cleanings.  By visiting Austin Lakes Dentistry and having your teeth cleaned twice a year, you can prevent many common oral health problems.  If Dr. Gordon identifies any issues he can make treatment recommendations and solve the problem right away.

Gum disease is a major oral health issue that starts off slowly.  It is typically caused by a lack of good oral hygiene or dental care but can also be caused by diabetes and even pregnancy.  Initially, gums start to swell, turn red, and may even bleed.  This can be uncomfortable, and the symptoms may be noticeable while brushing teeth.  At this stage, the condition is typically called gingivitis.  Dr. Gordon can treat gingivitis by performing a deep cleaning where bacteria is removed from around and underneath the gums.  Once the bacteria have been removed the gums have an opportunity to heal and the condition should completely reverse itself.

Problems arise when people don’t want to visit the dentist and leave gingivitis untreated.  Gum disease can spread easily and when it does people are at greater risk for pain and other health issues.  As gum disease grows it tends to create pockets in the gum tissue that exposes the tooth structure and root system.  Bacteria will often form in these pockets, and the situation can become incredibly painful.  This can lead to teeth falling out and additional infections.  In order to correct the problem most people will need to have their gums cleaned and have oral surgery so that a gum graft can be completed and the pocket closed.  This extensive treatment can be avoided if gum disease is caught in an earlier stage.

There are clear risks to letting gum disease go untreated.  Pregnant women with gum disease can have premature babies, and their children can be born at a lower than normal birth weight.  Additionally, heart disease is linked to the condition.  Studies have found that 91 percent of people with heart disease also have gum disease which is a staggering statistic when you consider that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States.  Ongoing studies are being conducted, but what is clear is that healthy gums are essential for the health of the rest of the body.

Regular visits to the dentist can keep gums in good health.  The most common cause of the disease is bacteria.  By simply removing it, gums can stay healthy. Dr. Gordon recommends that patients have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year for this very reason.  Those suffering from diabetes should have their teeth cleaned more often as they are at a greater risk for gum disease and cavities.  To learn more about how your oral health impacts the rest of your body, call and schedule an appointment with Austin Lakes Dentistry.

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