You Can Love Your Smile With a Trip to a Veneers Dentist

Veneers DentistWhat does a veneers dentist do?
As a veneers dentist, we specialize in repairing and improving teeth using dental veneers. We focus much of our practice on the repair and replacement of tooth enamel so that you have perfect teeth. Giving our patients the opportunity to regain beautiful, healthy teeth is the most important part of our job. To correct some of the problems that you may have with your teeth, we use a tiny porcelain device known as dental veneers.  They are also known as porcelain veneers because they are made of ultra-thin porcelain that is so thin that they actually take on some of the properties of the enamel they are replacing. Dental veneers are extremely strong, because, like enamel, they are very hard and durable. The devices we attach to your teeth are also created to be exact replicas of your teeth and, as such, require that you not take any undue risks with them. People do silly things with their teeth, like open bags of chips for example, and like teeth your dental veneers can become damaged with such activity.
What conditions can a veneers dentist treat using porcelain veneers?

Dental veneers have a rare quality, which allows them to be used to treat a variety of completely different conditions. Veneers have the innate ability to solve problems with your teeth that are both cosmetic and functional in nature, thereby bridging the gap between the two schools of though. For a veneers dentist, there are few problems that could not be solved by dental veneers. It is an extremely versatile tool, and we use it extensively. One good example of how dental veneers can address cosmetic or esthetic issues is teeth whitening. Sometimes the teeth just do not respond well to the traditional means of whitening. They remain stubbornly stained. In cases like this you could use dental veneers to permanently whiten your teeth. Since porcelain and ceramic do not stain, your teeth would never lose their color again. For us, the most common use of dental veneers comes when a patient has a minor crack, break, or chip in their tooth. These minor injuries, typically caused by trauma to the tooth can result in further damage and can even lead to an infection. To avoid this, we would use dental veneers to restore fully your teeth.

Are dental veneers for anyone or are there limitations?

As a veneers dentist, we can treat virtually anyone with dental veneers. While there are a few, and these are exceedingly rare, cases where a patient cannot get dental veneers, what we have found is that in the vast majority of people do qualify. We will, however, take the precaution of ensuring that you are a great candidate for veneers by bringing you in for a full examination prior to starting the procedure.  During this appointment, let us know what questions you have so that we can address your concerns and ensure that you are comfortable prior to getting started.

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